Composer: Vivaldi Antonio Lucio
publisher: Santino Cara
instrumentation: Piano solo
Scored For: Solo
Type of Score: Piano score
Year of Composition: 2016

Vivaldi – The Four Seasons – Piano solo

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The “Four Seasons” are a set of four concertos for solo violin, string instruments and continuous, written by
Antonio Vivaldi around 1723 that recall the four seasons of the year.
They are part of the collection of 12 concerts published by Le Cene of Amsterdam around 1725 with
the title of “Opera VIII. The Cimento harmony and of the invention “.
All these concerts including the firsts which are the four seasons, over time have undergone many
transcripts, but they all had as a reference point the manuscript of Turin.
We must remember also that many composers have included in their works some passages of these concerts, such as Beethoven, in the pastoral symphony, the closest you our time Astor Piazzolla, etc …
The piano transcription included in this book, faithfully reflects all the steps of the original score,
there are variations or other, the simple interpretation of the transcriber is in the numeration of the basso
continuo, but always in the context of harmonious transition.

Concerto No. 1 in E major, op. 8, RV 269
“The Spring”
* Allegro (E major)
* Largo e pianissimo sempre (C sharp minor)
* Allegro pastorale (E major)
Concerto No. 2 in G minor op. 8, RV 315
“The Summer”
* Allegro non molto (G minor)
* Adagio e piano – Presto e forte (G minor)
* Presto (G minor)
Concerto No. 3 in F major op. 8, RV 293
“The Autumn”
* Allegro (F major)
* Adagio molto (D minor)
* Allegro (F major)
Concerto No. 4 in F minor op. 8, RV 297
“The Winter”
* Allegro non molto (F minor)
* Largo (E flat major)
* Allegro (F minor)


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