Composer: Santino Cara
publisher: Santino Cara
instrumentation: Piano solo
Scored For: Solo
Type of Score: Piano score
Year of Composition: 2015

16 Classical Pieces for Piano – Volume 2

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  1. Ballet No.3 in A Minor Cs032
  2. Corrente No.1 in G minor CS022
  3. Fughetta No.1 in F sharp minor CS245
  4. Fughetta No.3 in G minor CS245
  5. Fughetta No.4 in A flat major CS245
  6. Fughetta No.5 in A minor CS245
  7. Fugue No.3 in G major CS034
  8. Mazurka No.2 in E flat CS012
  9. Prelude No.1 in A major Cs056
  10. Prelude No.1 in D major Cs018
  11. Prelude No.2 in E minor Cs035
  12. Prelude No.2 in G minor Cs018
  13. Prelude Studio No.2 in C major Cs056
  14. Rondeau No.1 in G major Cs025
  15. Studio No.1 in D minor Cs026
  16. Tripartita in F minor CS210
  • Are available two books in the paper version, the book of 14 Nocturnes at the cost of € 16,50 +  € 4,00 for the expedition, and the book of 10 Preludes at a cost of € 20.00 + € 4,00 for the expedition. It may require the purchase of the goods by sending an email to the “contact” that you will find on this site, and indicating all the buyer’s address data.


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