Composer: Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus
publisher: Santino Cara
instrumentation: Piano solo
Scored For: Solo
Type of Score: Piano scor
Year of Composition: 2007

Mozart – 20 Quartets transcribed for Piano solo

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The quartets for two violins, viola and cello whose transcriptions for piano are included in this book, are the
expression of genius since his young age.
Mozart wrote 23 quartets, the first 6 ranging from no.1 to no.6, were composed in Italy around 1772, are known
as Milanesi. The subsequent six quartets, from the no.7 to no.13, were composed in Vienna between 1772 and 1773
are called specially “Viennese Quartets”. Then we have the six subsequent, ranging from the no.14 to no.19
compounds by Mozart between 1782 and 1785 which he dedicated to Joseph Haydn. Then it follows the quartet no. 20 called “Hoffmeister” that Mozart wrote around the middle of 1786 for his friend composer and publisher
Franz Anton Hoffmeister, but we do not know if it was for commission or simply a dedication or whatever.
The last three quartets that are not part of this collection, and ranging from no.21 to the no. 23, are known as
Prussians, were commissioned to Mozart by King Frederick William II and compounds between 1789 and 1790.      As we have seen, these quartets cover the entire span of life of Mozart. The style poured in the score, ranges from simple as in the early quartets, fugato, dissonant, chromatic etc, but always with innovations and experiments at that time to others unknown.
The movements of the quartets are varied, while the six Milanese quartets are of three movements, all the others
have four movements of which 2 are always cheerful, one adagio or andante, and the other is always Minuet and Trio. Of the Mozart’s quartets, very well known, have been said and written many things, some out of place, and
other proper techniques and appropriate. We, we merely to describe the 20 quartets transcribed for piano included in this book. We wish to clarify that this collection is unique, we mean that transcriptions for piano quartets by Mozart does not exist, or at least gathered all together in one book, perhaps there will be some transcribed quartet in
the world, but they are sporadic things. This book is valuable for its rarity, with transcription for piano we tried to photocopy the four voices of quartets on fit the piano keyboard.
The difficulty of execution we can define it advanced, although in truth many movements of the quartets are very simple to perform such as minuets and trios, but we call it advanced because of certain passages in other
movements very challenging that require before you start playing, an accurate reading.

  1. Quartet no.1 in G major K80 for piano solo
  2. Quartet no.2 in D major K155 for piano solo
  3. Quartet no.3 in G major K156 for piano solo
  4. Quartet no.4 in C major K157 for piano solo
  5. Quartet no.5 in F major K158 for piano solo
  6. Quartet no.6 in B flat major K.159 for piano solo
  7. Quartet no.7 in E flat K160 for piano solo
  8. Quartet no.8 in F major K168 for piano solo
  9. Quartet no.9 in A major K169 for piano solo
  10. Quartet no.10 in C major K170 for piano solo
  11. Quartet no.11 in E flat major K171 for piano solo
  12. Quartet no.12 in B flat major K172 for piano solo
  13. Quartet no.13 in D minor K173 for piano solo
  14. Quartet no.14 in G major K387 (Spring) for piano solo
  15. Quartet no.15 in D minor K421 for piano solo
  16. Quartet no.16 in E flat major K428 for piano solo
  17. Quartet no.17 in B flat major K458 for piano solo
  18. Quartet no.18 in A major K464 for piano solo
  19. Quartet no.19 in C major K465 for piano solo
  20. Quartet no.20 in D major K499 for piano solo


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