Composer: Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus
publisher: Santino Cara
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Year of Composition: 2002

Mozart – The Six Milanese Quartets – Piano version

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The six quartets for two violins, viola and cello transcribed for piano ranging from K.155 to K.160, were composed by Mozart between 1722 and 1723 in Milan, hence the name: “Quartets Milanesi” although in truth the first quartet was
composed in Bolzano. Mozart wrote the six quartets in the period when he was working at the opera Lucio Silla.
In the piano transcription he was faithfully reported what Mozart wrote in the score, we just adapted the four instrumental voices to the score of the piano. The style of these quartets clearly recalls the italian, perhaps the young Mozart was influenced by various Italian composers of the time as Sammartini, who was personally acquainted,
Boccherini, Galuppi, etc. In fact, in the six quartets you see a little the style
of italian sonata. Previously, Mozart wrote his first quartet K.80 always in Italy, and specifically in Lodi, while he
was passing with his father. starting from the second, of quartets written by Mozart.

2-1 K.155 in D major Allegro – Andante – Molto Allegro
3-2 K.156 in G major Presto – Adagio 1° – Menuetto – Adagio 2° (original version)
4-3 K.157 in C major Allegro – Andante – Presto
5-4 K.158 in F major Allegro – Andante un poco Allegretto – Menuetto
6-5 K.159 in B-flat major Andante – Allegro – Rondo: Allegro grazioso
7-6 K.160 in E-flat major Allegro – Un poco Adagio – Presto

Probably, some of these quartets were perfected by Mozart on his return to Vienna in 1773. The level of execution varies from medium to advanced, very pleasant to perform and tasty for the listener, as if they were all fun.


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