Composer: Sanyino Cara
publisher: Santino Cara
instrumentation: Male Choir
Scored For: Choir
Type of Score: Vocal score
Year of Composition: 2016

20 Sacred Songs for Male (TBrB) Choir a Cappella

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These 20 sacred songs for male choir (Tenors, Baritones. Basses), are some of the many works of sacred music composed in the last 20 years by Santino Cara.
The author has devoted most of his life to sacred composition in particular addressed to the choir.
His works are highly influenced by styles ranging from the Renaissance to the Baroque, and to the Classical.
For Santino Cara, every sacred composition is a prayer, aninvocation to God, his inspiration and source of
livelihood. In these songs there is the right fit to understand the compositional mastery to report even the
smallest detail of the Latin text in the score. All texts included in the book are drawn and metrically processed musically by me personally, even through historical research specifically wanted by the Master, to
better grasp the meaning of the text. These songs can be sung during the Liturgy, or on festive occasions, or just for the pleasure of singing a hymn, a motet, an madrigal, etc.
Are chants of medium difficulty, andressed to a chorus of male voices with first and second tenors, baritones first
and second, first and second downs. The score as you can certainly see, illustrates in detail the
manner of how the song should be sung. Many thanks to Santino Cara for giving me the opportunity and honor to present although with a few lines these beautiful songs, composed with love and devotion from those who love the sacred music.

Arnaldo Luperini
Teacher in music history at the University of Tor Vergata in Rome and Music Critic


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